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Introducing Bogi Takács’s Reprint Series

We here at Galli Books are great admirers of Bogi Takács; Transcendent 2, eir blog at Bogi Reads The World, and eir own fiction all show eir excellent taste and abilities. Indeed, our founder has long supported Bogi’s Patreon – and we highly recommend you look at it yourselves!

One of our intentions here with Galli Books was to both support marginalised creators, and to shed more light on sometimes overlooked corners of genre fiction; so when Bogi announced e intended to run a reprint series on eir blog, we asked if e would allow us to run the stories – in exchange for us paying both em, and the authors involved.

As such, we are absolutely thrilled to be able to announce this reprint series, curated by Bogi Takács! We’ll be running a story each month, focusing on work that previously hasn’t been available online for free reading, by authors who belong to traditionally marginalized groups. We have a timetable for the next year planned, and we’re very excited to be able to, tomorrow, kick off the series with a story by the incredible Sofia Samatar!

Now, let us hand over to Bogi to tell you a little about it, and about emself…

Our first story is The Adventures of Ja’far al-Barmaki, a microfiction piece by Sofia Samatar that takes a popular cartoon head on. This story is somewhat of an exception in our lineup of reprints, given that the anthology it was originally slated to appear in (In Other Words) was never published except as advance review copies. So now you will be the very first to read it, save for a handful of reviewers!

In our first quarter, we will also publish stories by Caroline M. Yoachim and Darcie Little Badger. Stay tuned!

Bogi Takács is the editor of the Publishers Weekly and Locus recommended anthology Transcendent 2: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction 2016, and the upcoming Transcendent 3, among other projects. Bogi is a Hungarian Jewish agender person (e / em / eir / emself or they pronouns) who currently lives in the United States as a resident alien. You can find Bogi as @bogiperson on Twitter, Patreon and Instagram, or follow eir adventures in book blogging at Bogi Reads the World.

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